Saxon’s Nigel Glocker: “We’re right in the middle of another album already…”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 2.1.2023

During an interview with Canada’s The Metal Voice, Saxon drummer Nigel Glocker gave an interesting update on the band’s future. In fact, the legendary British artists have already finished writing a new album, the sequel to the latest “Carpe Diem”, released last year.

Nigel confirms:

We’re right in the middle of another album already. We’re a ways off. The songs are being finalized as we talk, actually. But I think that we’re gonna release it in 2024. (…) We’ve done the writing. But it’s just a case of recording it all now. But the writing process is the process that takes the time. Because you’ve got so many from ideas from everyone.

– Nigel Glocker

A great proof of teamwork and brainstorming. 2024 seems like a wise clue about the possible release of the opus, of which no further details are known. Again, Nigel speaks on the creative process behind the band’s work:

And quite frankly, in a way it doesn’t really matter who writes what; it’s us five guys that make it what it is. No one brings in complete songs. People might bring in riff ideas or rhythm ideas, whatever, groove ideas, melody. So then we work through them all.– Nigel Glocker

So, we can do nothing but wait for the surprise. In the meantime, you can enjoy the entire video interview below: