Saxon’s Biff Byford shares his say on metal business: “I would advise people to play and do cover versions and do their own material as well”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 15.2.2023

During an interview at Metal Global with Jorge Botas, Saxon‘s frontman, legendary Biff Byford, shared his thoughts on the current state of the metal industry and circuits, while giving listeners some helpful advice.
Biff is immediately aware that the moment is not the best. Not only because of the post-pandemic difficulties, but also because of the advent of social media, which give a distorted perception of musical reality:

The problem is you can have two hundred thousand followers, but they’re all over the world. So if you play in one city, they might be a hundred people of those two hundred thousand people in that city that know you. That’s one of the problems. The thing is when you do a tour, or when you build up a following from (performing) live, those are the people, the next time you go, that turn into three hundred people, and then that turns… and people support you.

– Biff Byford (trascribed by Blabbermouth)

Then, the discussion on the rivalry between independent bands, which seek to establish new music, and tribute bands is again flaring up.

It’s very difficult for bands to tour. The club circuit is really bad at the moment. A lot of clubs have closed down, and there’s a lot of tribute bands playing clubs all the time. So it’s very hard for new bands to get in with new material. I would advise people to maybe play and do cover versions and do their own material as well, try and get your foot through the door.

– Biff Byford (trascribed by Blabbermouth)

Although it’s as complicated as winning the lottery – Biff says – the singer still embraces a compromise. True rock never dies, and so does emerging talent, who must however know how to adapt to urgent and daily needs.
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