Saturday filled with fire and dust at Rock for People in Hradec Kralove

Author Eetu Orvokki - 26.6.2022

Rock for People festival in Hradec Kralove had an amazing Saturday evening (18 June) filled with sunshine, fireworks and flamethrowers. The last day of this Warped Tour of Europe had a full blast of sad music for not only elder emos but for younger generation, as well.

Oceans Ate Alaska went hard with 30 minutes full of gutturals and blast beats followed by other hardcore and post-hardcore acts such as emotional hardcore group Being as an Ocean and the UK hardcore ambassador Employed to Serve who made the audience eat dust for the whole set with both heavy rand headbanging riffs.

Rest of the evening was such a party for all the emos – Italian post-hardcore group Hopes Die Last served emotional tunes and crazy stage energy, Weezer had amazing set on main stage covering “Africa”by Toto and playing their own classic tunes, as well. Sum 41 served a huge load of skate punk opening for the legend of modern punk rock – the one and only Green Day. Armstrong’s legendary Green Day had a full two hour set full of classic tracks that everyone knew. Atmosphere was unreal, and no one int the audience was left cold with all the mental fireworks and pyros on stage. What an unreal experience that everyone should witness at least once in his/her lifetime!

Here is some of the photos from Saturday at Rock for People:

Photos: Eetu Orvokki