Satarial drops new single “Dance Of Steel-Invocation Of Dragon”

Author Hernan Osuna - 21.5.2024

Russian pagan/folk black metallers Satarial have shared Dance Of Steel- Invocation Of Dragon“, a new single and official music video. The track, out via Greek label Sleaszy Rider, is available in a collector’s digipak edition.

“Dance Of Steel-Invocation Of Dragon” is part of the group’s upcoming new album, set to be released in 2024. If you are a fan of Wardruna, Rotting Christ, Eluveitie, Ihsahn or Omnia, take a look at Satarial‘s new single.

The band states: “After an eight-year break, Satarial presents a new single ‘Dance of Steel. Invocation of Dragon’. Eight years is a long time, but it was a difficult time for Satarial band – this is the fight against Putin’s regime, this is the ban on concerts, criminal prosecution, and arrest of the bank accounts of the band members, the band received all this from the Russian government“.

Most of the Satarial band members managed to escape to Europe three years ago, thus avoiding being arrested. But the flute player Sept Satarial did not have time to leave the Russian Federation and was arrested. And although all the material for the full album was ready back in 2018, we were only able to record the track “Dance of steel. Invocation of Dragon” after Sept was released from prison”, they add.

Satarial is a metal band which was formed by Lord Seth in 1993. From 1989 to 1993 the band existed under the name of A.M.S.G. («Ad Maiorum Satan Glorium»). A.M.S.G. is the first black metal project in Russia. Their powerful and unique music is a blend of extreme metal styles, medieval and classic music, Celtic and Nordic folklore, history, mythology and witchcraft.