Sabaton to hit the studio in early 2024

Author Flavia Andrade - 16.11.2023

In a recent interview with FaceCultureSabaton bassist and manager Pär Sundström confirmed that the band have been working on new material. In his words:

Sabaton hasn’t been so active touring since we ended the last tour in the spring. We have obviously been busy elsewhere, working on new music. And I’m very excited.

Sundström also spoke of a possible lyrical direction for the new album:

I’m not gonna talk about where we’re gonna go. I just say, okay, we can confirm that we are moving away from the First World War and we are going somewhere else in the history, ’cause we will still sing about history. And we are very excited about the topic that we have chosen.

He also addressed when the band will be enetering the studio:

In the beginning of next year. And it already feels very exciting.