Roger Waters tells crowd to f***-off at London performance

Author Flavia Andrade - 10.10.2023

Roger Waters played his first concert since June on October 08, a couple of days after the release of his “The Dark Side of the Moon Redux” album. The show has been met with a lot of criticism, for the musician allegedly told the crowd to “fuck off,” causing some fans to leave.

The concert happened at the London Palladium, where Waters was to premiere his new version of “The Dark Side of the Moon”. However, according to the Daily Mail, the singer also spent about an hour reading excerpts from his unpublished memoir “Dark Side of the Moon: Memoirs of a Lanky Prick” on his laptop while sitting at a desk onstage. For instance, he read a 20-minute long story about a duck named Donald.

According to Men’s Journal, Waters shouted at the audience to “fuck off” as they became frustrated with the unanticipated performance, prompting some fans to exit the venue.

Waters apparently informed the audience as the performance started that it would be split into different parts, so those who waited out the storytelling witnessed a great show. The music part of the show started with a new song called “The Bar,” followed by a different version of “Mother“. Then, “The Dark Side of the Moon Redux” was played in its entirety.

The end of the show was met with a standing ovation, and Waters performed there again on October 09.

You can watch fan-filmed footage of the October 09 performance below: