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Rock n’ roll with a good attitude: Afternoon Astronauts release their debut EP “Lockdown”

Author Annija Raga - 8.5.2023

“We play hard rock, rock n’ roll with a good attitude, and we want to spread happiness”, that’s how the new Finnish rock band Afternoon Astronauts describe the band and their music. On March 17 the band released their debut EP “Lockdown” and had a rock n’ roll mayhem aka EP release show at Bar Loose, Helsinki.

The debut EP is produced and mixed by Jonatan Stenfors and mastered by Jarno Alho, Alho Audio Mastering. To capture the right feeling and the most suitable sound, the EP was recorded live:

” At the end of the day we are and always will be a live band, so that was the only way to do it, and it went perfectly! “

Afternoon Astronauts

Chaoszine went to experience the entertaining live show and have a chat with the band. You can watch our video report & interview below:

Afternoon Astronauts: Instagram / Facebook

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