Rock n’ roll is more alive than ever – review of Vambo’s “II”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 16.10.2023

Announcement: if you’re a rock and metal music listener who thinks that after the 80s there is nothing good or innovative in the industry, please close this review. If, instead, you’re curious about a new group that has the right concentration of talent and wit to succeed, then please continue to read. Because Vambo is a band with nothing to envy to the great classic rock groups we all know too well.

They are about to release their second album, “II”, on October 20th, and honestly, there are so many good things to say I don’t even know where to start. I always compliment the production, the mixing and the mastering, and this is another band that has accomplished a very clear and balanced equilibrium, which I adore. Then, we could move on to the huge range they were able to display in the 12 tracks of the record. If you’re in the mood for oriental sounds (“Take My Hand“), or maybe some progressive ones (“Holy Lights“), or perhaps a ballad (“Oh“), or maybe just to have fun (“Minute Of Madness“), there is literally a song for everyone.

Vambo was able to take many of the good aspects of classic rock and make them sound fresh, avant-garde and yet very well-structured. Tracks like “This Is Your Life” or “Sweet Christine” would be phenomenal if played at a live show or in the car singing by yourself with the windows rolled down. The atmospheres they create are relatable, fun but not cliché.

Honestly, I have been impressed that this was just their second record. When it comes to their musical style, it’s quite mature, and they truly deserve a lot of credit because they prepared an amazing product for the world to listen to. The more I try to find a fault in this album, the more it sounds marvellous and surprising.

So if you’re in the mood for some rock n’ roll done in the right way, you’ll better listen to “II” when it’s released later this month. Whether you’re a die-hard classic rock enthusiast or someone looking for a fresh take on the genre, trust me, “II” is an album that demands your attention and promises a musical journey filled with surprises. Vambo is here to rock your world, and they’re doing it with style, grace, and a whole lot of soul.