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Rock Music in Metaverses: A Step Towards New Era

Author Arto Mäenpää - 21.12.2022

Rock will never lose its relevance: millions of users worldwide prefer this genre, listening to their favorite performers online or live. However, everything is developing, and the music industry is no exception. The pandemic forced the whole population to experience regular lockdowns, which limited access to the most impressive events rock fans used to visit. 

However, developers have quickly come up with the idea of online concerts, which was highly appreciated by the public.

And even now, when the restrictions are removed, the audience still prefers to enjoy their favorite concerts online. Of course, watching the beloved performer on TV will not cause the emotions that the listener receives at a live concert. But the metaverses are ready to provide such an immersive experience for every user!

The virtual music industry began to develop actively in 2019: the performance of DJ Marshmello in the Fortnite game became one of the iconic events. Following him, the famous violinist Lindsey Stirling organized her virtual concert: while she played the instrument in the studio, her digital avatar completely repeated all her actions in the metaverse. This event became one of the most popular in 2019, and more than half a million people followed the ether.

Of course, rock fans will not be interested in these events, but this is only the background of how the industry developed further. Nowadays, many groups and performers are moving into virtual reality, so many exciting things are still ahead. Catch a selection of the most high-profile announcements of the events that we look forward to.

Decentraland Music Festival

Decentraland is one of the most widespread metaverses: over 8 thousand visitors attend the platform daily. It’s well-known for multiple entertainment kinds: users can play casino online NZ, and other, invest in virtual real estate, build something, and participate in many other activities. 

Of course, attending concerts is one of the most demanded options. Performers like Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, etc., already held some virtual performances that were highly appreciated by their fans.

Music Festival became one of the hugest events in this metaverse: it was first held in 2022, and over 100 artists, including Ozzy Osbourne and Dillion Francis, participated in the show. The success was so huge that the organizers are planning to repeat the event in 2023. 

Listeners still don’t know which bands will be presented at the festival, but we wait for updates with impatience and are confident that it will be something truly spectacular!

The Hu Moves to Metaverse

The Mongolian Folk-Metal group is quite popular on all continents. The performers skillfully interwove the traditional Western style with their country’s culture, which makes their tracks absolutely unique. 

The Hu released their latest album on September 2nd, 2022, and they plan to play at their first virtual concert. The exact dates are still unknown since the band wants to organize a performance in the first Mongolian metaverse. Work on it is still going on, while The Hu will most likely become the main stars at the opening. Well, it sounds very interesting and promising!

Bonus: First Metaverse Rock Group

Metaverse concerts don’t always imply the performance of real people since modern technologies allow the creation of virtual characters. The Meta Daisies became the first digital rock band presented in Avakin Life Metaverse. 

Virtual performers released one single in the summer of 2022, and it became popular immediately: over 1.1 million users attended the concert. So, rock fans wait for the new tracks from the Meta Daisies with impatience, and we are confident that it will happen in the nearest future!