Rio de Janeiro gets a new collective to promote rock & roll: Rio + Rock

Author Flavia Andrade - 13.7.2023

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has always had a very special role in the movement of Brazilian rock & roll. But, as of late, it has been losing ground to other genres. Now, a new collective is coming to life, with the goal of celebrating and reorganizing the rock and metal scene in the city.

On International Rock Day, July 13, the newly founded Rio + Rock collective will be officially launched with a 4-day long celebration to the genre. The event will count with various guest musicians, and will celebrate the late great Rita Lee, the queen of Brazilian rock & roll, known internationally mainly for her brief, albeit ground shaking passage through the Psychedelic rock band Os Mutantes.

Rio + Rock collective

You can check out Rio + Rock on social media:

You can check out a playlist with bands that are part of the collective below: