Revocation use their virtuosity to open a portal to hell with “Netherheaven”

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 31.8.2022

Listening to “The Outer Ones”, I found myself thinking, this music expresses so much, the emotions it makes me go through, they have to be put into words, and that’s how I found myself writing reviews.

A couple of years later, I find myself with the same admiration listening to “Netherheaven”, seeing how David Davidson is only taking his ability to put notes on emotions to higher levels. Virtuosity had never felt so aggressive, so violent, and evil meddles with straight forward brutality in yet another masterpiece from the Massachusetts trio.

Be it the dissonant chords or the progressive songwriting, Revocation’s music has always been unique, making the band recognizable in a thousand, and in a modern metal industry where it’s nowadays almost impossible to have your own unique identity, Revocation breaks the creativity glass ceiling to sit up there with the legendary death metal bands. And not only is the musical side of it unique, but the tweaking and the attention given to guitar tones and production strongly participate in making Revocation in a league of their own, as everything fits perfectly in the mix, the drums are sounding very organic and real, and the bass gently caresses the back of your ears.

Containing punchy anthems such as “Diabolical Majesty” and “Re-Crucified”, the new opus gives you everything you need, as different vibes are explored, making it very balanced, and so “Galleries of Morbid Artistry” drags you into the melancholy of the abysses of hell in a very dark atmosphere, with solemn melodies and epic riffs. All along the release, you explore different sides of Hell, diabolically, brutally, but most importantly with riffs that’ll make you bang your head and grin your face in satisfaction, such as the heavy “Nihilistic Violence”.

All in all, this is just another proof of the technical superiority of Revocation’s members over their peers, coupled with their incredible songwriting creativity and staying true to their brutal, violent musical identity.


  1. Diabolical Majesty – 4:56
  2. Lessons In Occult Theft – 5:39
  3. Nihilistic Violence – 5:04
  4. Strange and Eternal – 5:52
  5. Galleries of Morbid Artistry  – 5:25
  6. The 9th Chasm – 3:37
  7. Godforsaken – 4:45
  8. The Intervening Abyss Of Untold Aeons – 5:43
  9. Re-Crucified (feat. Trevor Strnad & George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher) – 3:44