Re-Armed unleashes apocalyptic metal anthem ‘Lost And Cast Off’ with a video fully made by band’s own “AI”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 25.1.2024

Re-Armed, the melodic death metal outfit announces the release of their new single, ‘Lost and Cast Off’. With relentless energy and an apocalyptic narrative, the Finnish metal act takes listeners on a sonic journey through the depths of despair and mankind’s undying quest for survival – without forgetting visual storytelling with lyric video. The so-called AI behind this single is band’s own written and integrated system called, ‘Re-Armed = ATHNTC INDVDLS’.

“Behold, our magnificent new song and creation ‘Lost and Cast Off’ made via our very own ‘ATHNTC INDVDLS’ – the Mozart of data mastication. We shoveled endless streams of data into our five cores and five processors. Including melodies, chords, and lyrical nuances – like a musical buffet for our algorithmic brains. We learned, adapted, and now spit out tunes with an artistic flair that leaves us wondering, did we even contribute? Can you spot the elusive line between man and machine-made? We can’t either! Off to Bahama Beach, where we soak in royalties with a side of cocktails.

About the track itself and lyrical theme behind it. Take a look around and see the current state of world, it seems that we are on harm’s way. So, refuel your spaceships, it’s time to escape!”

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Re-Armed is a melodic death metal band from the capital region of Finland, founded in 2001. The band released their fourth album ‘Ignis Aeternum’ in 2020 (Black Lion Records), which was slightly overshadowed by the Coronavirus. However, during the forced break, the EP ‘XX’ was done – the EP celebrates the band’s 20-year journey and saw the light of day in 2022 (Inverse Records). In 2024, the band will release new material from their upcoming fifth, yet untitled album. With this release, the band will bring a whole dose of new flavors to their sound. Describes their current sound as melodic death metal with modernized, electronic, and symphonic elements.

Over the years, the band has hit the stages widely both at home and abroad, as far as EU, UK, Japan and China.