Production of ‘Midas Man’, a biopic about The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein, is put on hold

Author Samuel Järvinen - 11.11.2021

Brian Epstein, manager of the legendary The Beatles, is the subject of an autobiographical film “Midas Man”. Filming started in October.

However, production has apparently been put on hold for the time being, and director Jonas Åkerlund is rumoured to be stepping down from the project, according to Deadline.

“The director of Midas Man, Jonas Åkerlund, is taking a break from the film. Until some matters become clearer, we are not able to add any further comment to this statement. In the meantime, we can confirm that filming of Midas Man will continue in London … before breaking for Christmas. Filming will restart in early January in Los Angeles”, the production tells.

Instead, you can watch the trailer for The Beatles, directed by Peter Jackson, here.