Photo: Raymond Ahner

Pro-shot video of The Offspring performing with Ed Sheeran now available

Author Benedetta Baldin - 30.5.2024

The Offspring have shared a professionally shot video of their performance with Ed Sheeran on “Million Miles Away“, available on YouTube by clicking here:

Before beginning the song, the band said:

Ed told us that one of our records was his first CD that he ever bought when he was a kid. That really meant a lot to us, so we thought, ‘Wow, we’d love to have you come out to join us on stage.’ We’re gonna play one of the songs you wanted to play.

After the performance, Ed Sheeran shared on his social media:

The first album I ever bought was The Offspring – Conspiracy of One. I used to pretend to be in their band in the mirror and sing along to the album when I was 9, mostly to their song Million Miles Away as it was the first song of theirs I heard. I mentioned it in an interview and Noodles / Dexter got in touch with me when we found out we were all playing the same festival, to see if I wanted to get on stage and sing it. It was an instant yes obvz. Really felt like living out a childhood dream thank you for having me up there guys. Music is a wild ride, every day I’m so grateful to be living my dream in reality.