Pop star Adele’s new album caused a massive delay in vinyl production: 500,000 vinyl copies of the singer’s album were printed

Author Samuel Järvinen - 9.11.2021

You may have to wait a little longer for the LP you ordered, and you can blame pop star Adele for that. According to Variety, 500,000 copies of the new album by Adele, who is making a comeback to the recording scene with her new album ’30’, were printed.

This huge number of vinyl records has naturally caused delays in the production chain. Add to this the delays in production caused by the pandemic, and fans may have to wait up to 9 months at worst for their albums, which are at the back of the production queue.

Adele’s new album will be released on 19 November, and the anticipated album is being secured for the Holiday market. Indie labels will have their own albums in print by August 2022 if they deliver on time.

Carrie Colliton, co-founder of Record Store Day, sees it as a problem that big stores like Target are ordering huge quantities of individual albums for their shelves:

“The idea that Target needs X thousand copies of a gold-colored [Fleetwood Mac’s] ‘Rumours’ right now so they have an unending supply, when some band that couldn’t go on tour and hasn’t made money for a year is trying to get a thousand copies of their record pressed on any color — that doesn’t seem fair. But you can’t fault [the chains] for doing it. I can see why a Target or Walmart, if they’re able to go into a label and say, ‘I’m gonna take 20,000 copies’ – of ‘Rumours’ or whatever record – “and you’re not going to have to solicit it or store it, we’ll just take it all,’ that’s a good business thing for everybody involved.”