Photos of Ingested live in Nottingham: the slam-death metal band took full control of Rescue Rooms

Author Alina Salihbekova - 25.4.2024

On the 22nd of April, a death metal band from Manchester – Ingested – came to Nottingham and turned the Rescue Rooms upside down with their energy and groove. The band is known for their fun death metal sound called “slam-metal”. It is the best way to describe the atmosphere of Ingested. The audience happily moshed and danced throughout the whole show. The security staff of the venue were catching one crowd surfer after another. The show was a joyous yet intense party of aggressive metal and we were lucky enough to attend Ingested’s gig in Nottingham. Check out the photos below!


Ingested setlist in Nottingham:
Paragon of Purity
Shadows in Time
Ashes Lie Still
Better Off Dead
Endless Machine
Cremated Existence
Impending Dominance
The Divine Right of Kings
Skinned and Fucked