Phil Demmel, the guitarist for Kerry King, expresses surprise at the Slayer reunion: “I was completely unaware”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 8.3.2024

Phil Demmel, guitarist of Kerry King’s solo band, recently revealed that he was suprised by the sudden announcement of Slayer‘s reunion for several festival shows this year.

Following Slayer‘s farewell tour five years ago and Kerry King’s subsequent unveiling of his solo project, the band surprised fans by announcing their return to play at festivals such as Aftershock, Riot Fest, and Louder Than Life in September and October.

In an interview with Good Company, Demmel admitted that he was not informed about Slayer‘s reunion and found it unusual for such an announcement to come before King’s solo band had even played a show. Despite being caught off guard, he emphasized that Slayer‘s affairs were not his concern and expressed acceptance of the situation after receiving clarifications.