Perfection on the Rocks: Check out photo gallery from Aesthetic Perfection’s performance

Author Arto Mäenpää - 27.4.2023

Daniel Graves, the mastermind behind the project, formed Aesthetic Perfection in 2000 in Los Angeles, which he has since then left for Linz, Austria. While he creates all the music, he is joined on stage by drummer Joe Letz, and guitarist/keyboardist Constance Antoinette Day.

The trio is currently well into their American Psycho Tour 2023, named after a song from Graves’s 2022 project “MMXXI”, where he released twelve songs in twelve months. It is also announced as the band’s last headlining tour, as they have stated that costs have simply become too high post-covid to keep doing it.

Even though that backdrop may seem a bit somber, the trio presents an explosion of a live show. The Helsinki show was added on request, and it was easy to see why the Finns wanted Aesthetic Perfection to pay them a visit.

Starting off with “Gods & Gold“, which in its studio version features Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, the band kicked off a set full of catchy songs from the past 14 years of production.

Aesthetic Perfection not only offers good songs, but also a visual feast. Front man and vocalist Graves demands attention from the start, though he is constantly challenged by his two partners in crime. Multi-instrumentalist Day is a firecracker both with the guitar and behind the keyboards, and Letz, as his alias “Blow-Up Betty”, is a true monster behind the drums, putting up a show that few other drummers can rival.

It is a true shame that the band will stop headlining tours, though we have not seen the last of them. Letz and Day are both part of Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann’s side project. Aesthetic Perfection supported Till Lindemann Band on tour in 2020, and a new tour has just been announced to take place November/December this year. The entourage will reach Helsinki 3rd December to play in Ice Hall.

The icing on the cake? Aesthetic Perfection is still one of the openers.

Aesthetic Perfection:

Set list:
1) Intro
2) Gods & Gold
3) S E X
4) Rhythm + Control
5) Antibody
6) Never Enough
7) The Ones
8) American Psycho
9) Save Myself
10) The Siren
11) The Dark Half
12) Spit It Out

13) Love Like Lies

Text: Kim Eikefet
Photos: Tytti Marika Kapanen