“People thought that in “No Borders” we wanted to say that Ukraine shouldn’t be a nation. I think it takes a lot of fantasy to make it a pro-war song” – Final interview with Russkaja

Author Julia Suloinen - 20.2.2023

Austrian folk band Russkaja has been delivering nothing but humor and positivity for almost two decades. But last year band’s major trademark – Soviet culture satire – made them a target for bullying and accusations of being the tool of Russian propaganda.

Chaoszine had an emotional talk with the band’s guitarist and lyricist Engel Mayr about the new – and, sadly, the last – Russkaja album “Turbo Polka Party”, about cancel culture and people failing to hear their message, and, of course, about the band`s tragic necessity to disband.

Check out the video below

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You can check out Russkaja‘s last album “Turbo Polka Party” below: