Parkway Drive to release new album “Darker Still”

Author Flavia Andrade - 7.7.2022

Australian metal outfit Parkway Drive have announced a new album “Darker Still”, to be released September 9, via Epitaph. The announcement is coupled with the release of a new video for the single “The Greatest Fear“.

Vocalist Winston McCall says:

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“The greatest fear, the one we all share; this song is about the unifying force we all must face — death. The goal was to create a song that saw death not as something that separates, but something that connects us all on our paths. Musically, we wanted to create a song that did this concept justice. It’s heavy, it’s epic and when it stomps it leaves an impact.”

You can watch the video for “The Greatest Fear” below:

“Darker Still” track listing:

01. Ground Zero
02. Like Napalm
03. Glitch
04. The Greatest Fear
05. Darker Still
06. Imperial Heretic
07. If A God Can Bleed
08. Soul Bleach
09. Stranger
10. Land Of The Lost
11. From The Heart Of The Darkness