Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix on future projects: “I’ve got a stockpile of… probably like eight to ten songs to choose from.”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 11.5.2023

During an interview for Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station, Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix opened up about the future of the group, which is reportedly already at work on a new album. After the worldwide success of “Ego Trip,” Papa Roach went through a moment of strong creativity, a new phase, as Jacoby stated, that could lead to unexpected outcomes.

“Tobin, Jerry and Tony. They’ve just been putting together music over the last year. ‘Cause we finished ‘Ego Trip’ quite a while ago, so there’s been time to be creative. And I’ve got a stockpile of, I’d say, probably like eight to ten songs to choose from, and we picked two of ’em for me to go into the studio and cut vocals on ’em, that we just felt were the most inspiring that sonically felt the right direction for the next song.

–  Jacoby Shaddix (transcibed by

Jacoby also talks about the band’s latest project, a personal label, which is apparently beginning to recruit new talents:

At one point or another, we’re gonna sign (another) band (to our label); that’s gonna be something that we do. But I think for us right now, we’re gonna focus on Papa Roach another cycle and build the infrastructure, and then it’s, like, ‘All right, here we go. We’ve tested this thing out with our band for a while… So what’s the next phase? It’s exciting. That’s what we’re finding out.”

– Jacoby Shaddix (transcibed by

Although no further details have been released, it is still an interesting cue. You can listen to the full interview here: