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Ozzy Osbourne would make new music with Tony Iommi, just not as Black Sabbath

Author Flavia Andrade - 9.11.2022

On this week’s edition of “Ozzy Speaks” on SiriusXM, Ozzy Osbourne replied to a question about if he would make new Black Sabbath music with former bandmates.

Ozzy replied:

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“No, not more Black Sabbath. But I wouldn’t say no to do some more with TonyBlack Sabbath is a completely different music to what I’m into now.”

Ozzy also said about working with Iommi on his latest album “Patient Number 9”:

“(It) was great. I mean, now you don’t have to sit in a room; you can do it over the phone. That track would have been a great Black Sabbath track on the ’13’ album. I wasn’t really in love with that ’13’ album.”

When co-host Billy Morrison asked Ozzy if Sabbath was over, Osbourne replied:

“Well, it’s kind of, like, how many times do you wanna do the same… it’s the same format, you know? It was very successful for a lot of years, and people wanted to see us. I did that farewell tour. And the only thing about that which was sad was Bill Ward wasn’t there. But I’ve spoken to Bill since. He’s all right. I would work with any of them individually. But as Black Sabbath, I think it’s over. We couldn’t really beat what we’ve already done.”