“Ozzy, Dio and Rob Halford were the vocalists I looked up to” – Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda reveals his story as a metal vocalist

Author Arto Mäenpää - 23.6.2024

With a career spanning over three decades with Death Angel, Mark Osegueda has been at the helm of one of the most influential bands in the thrash metal genre, delivering high-energy performances and powerful vocals that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Along with being the frontman for Death Angel Mark also joined Slayer legend Kerry King‘s solo band in 2023 and the band released their first album “From Hell I Rise” on May 17th via Reigning Phoenix Music. Chaoszine sat down with Mark before Kerry King’s performance at Mystic Festival in Gdansk, Poland and discussed his career as a metal vocalist from the early days until present. You can watch the latest episode of the series featuring metal vocalists here:

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You can check out Kerry King‘s first ever solo album “From Hell I Rise” in full below: