Owls to release new single “Body Bags” this month

Author Hernan Osuna - 19.3.2024

Irish electronic darkwave producer Owls is releasing his first single of 2024 “Body Bags” on Friday, March 29 via Blowtorch Records.

The latter half of 2023 was busy for Owls. With headline shows in Dublin, a slew of electrifying underground gigs and the release of singles “Swallow My Love” & “Bury Me”, the darkwave specialist re-emerges in 2024 with a vicious synth-punk protest in his latest “Body Bags“.

The song and video have been largely informed by the unfolding events in Gaza. “Body Bags” looks at humanity turning in on itself. For all the beauty & harmony in the world, we are chaotic by nature – violent and cruel to our own. It explores the human condition and our ability to inflict pain and suffering upon the most vulnerable. It’s forced the Longford-born artist to look outward instead of inward.

All of my songwriting up until now has been dealing with internal conflicts and self assessment. It feels selfish looking inwards when being faced with genocide daily. I teach History. It seems to be repeating itself. I had a Palestinian student join one of my classes recently. They presented a project on the ancient buildings of Gaza City only to highlight the fact that they’re no longer there.That hit hard”.

Owls pulls from elements of synthwave, industrial and darkwave to deliver a relentless two minutes of synthesizer punk, drawing inspiration from artists like Meryl Streek, N8NOFACE and Bob Vylan. The video for the track was shot on site in Co. Longford, Ireland by Nathan Sheridan. It features the characters ‘Bird’ & ‘Gimp’. A macabre couple finding moments of co-operation & harmony in the complete chaos & violence of our world today.

Owls is the creation of Irish midlands producer Emy Collum. Having spent time behind the drums for indie bands, the darkwave specialist embarked on a solo path and began to explore his deep love for the shadowy realms of postpunk, techno and industrial music.

You can catch Owls live @ Magasin4, Brussels, Belgium on Sat 20th April and Warehouse, Dublin Sat 1st June. More info here.