OTEP unleashes explosive rendition of Eminem’s rap rage anthem “The Way I Am”

Author Flavia Andrade - 6.9.2023

OTEP unleashes her acerbic arsenal with her latest sonic attack, “The Way I Am”, following closely behind the fury-filled shrapnel of her previous single, “Ostracized”, from upcoming album “The God Slayer”, available worldwide on September 15. OTEP’s unapologetic, nu-metal reimagination of Eminem’s “The Way I Am” amplifies the Rap God’s unadulterated anger with a new vitriol all her own. OTEP’s wrath-filled rendition of this rap classic takes a sledgehammer to the Pollyanna image of the perfect celebrity, shattering the listener’s rose-tinted glasses with a power-packed, bass-heavy beat, blistering bars, and driving rhythm, complete with high octane screams and a bludgeoning breakdown. OTEP’s silver tongue shines with her transformative take on this hip hop hit, as she spits rhymes, seamlessly keeping in time, all the while ripping the words from the page to rearrange into something truly one of a kind.

You can stream the new single here.

On October 3, 2000, “The Way I Am” was released by Eminem as the second single from “The Marshall Mathers” LP. “The Way I Am” has received double platinum certification in the US and critical acclaim worldwide, including platinum certification in the UK and gold in Sweden. While Eminem’s undeniable talent thrust him into the spotlight, it also brought bitter criticism and controversy, as not everyone was ready to hear what he had to say. However, this condemnation only added to fuel to his creative fire, with which he has blazed the trail to the top as the highest-selling rap artist of all time.

The Way I Am” serves as a celebration of OTEP’s return to the metal scene as the second single from forthcoming full-length feature, “The God Slayer”, coming five years after her previous full-length release in 2018. This crushing cover incorporates an intrepid intermingling of metal and hip hop which serves as a shape of things to come from “The God Slayer”, in which OTEP’s skillful mastery of a multitude of genres is fully realized through her careful coalescence of original compositions and covers, spanning a wide variety of genres.

Frontwoman and founder, Otep Shamaya, describes “The God Slayer” best herself, saying:

This offering to the gods of music, I performed many rituals, free-dives into the blackness of my soul, to retrieve the early spark that ignited my creative journey. With respect, love & gratitude, I now offer it to you.

You can pre-save the digital version of the new album here. And pre-order physical copies here.