Orbit Culture’s Niklas Karlsson to Chaoszine: “The work is underway for our next full-lenght album”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 8.9.2021

In the deep forests of southern Sweden lies the small town of Eksjö where the band Orbit Culture originate. The idea of Orbit Culture came to vocalist / rhythm guitarist Niklas Karlson in 2013 whilst working on bedroom demos; he quickly formed and early version of the band, which included drummer Markus Bladh.

Citing Metallica and Gojira as their main heavy influences, Orbit Culture are band who love to experiment with wide a range of sounds and textures to create something that is fresh but also familiar. Nikas comments: “As much as we love metal, we love other music, too. We love a good hard-hitting song as much as the next guy, but we’ve always found that blending and mixing genres seems more fun for us at least, rather than deciding on a specific genre to write within the metal scene. It really helps us to be creative and motivated. I’m guessing that is something that we’ll always do.

Quickly after forming, Orbit Culture released a self-produced EP and an LP, but it was summer 2016 when two new members joined the band – Richard Hansson on the lead guitar and Fredrik Lennartsson on the bass guitar – and the quartet perfectly honed their distinctive sound.

The band which got a massive buzz around them on their previous “Nija” album will be releasing their much-anticipated upcoming EP, “Shaman”, due 24th of September via Seek and Strike. Chaoszine had the chance to talk about the “Shaman” EP with band’s guitarist / vocalist Niklas Karlsson who also quite openly addressed the demons he has had to face during the pandemic time which also started to affect his creativity.

You can check out the interview video interview below:

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You can check out the singles released from “Shaman” EP so far below: