Photo Credit: Marcus Maschwitz

Orbit Culture share “The Forgotten” EP

Author Flavia Andrade - 1.12.2023

Swedish metallers Orbit Culture have just released a new EP, “The Forgotten“, for which you can check the track list below:

“The Forgotten” track listing:

01 – While We Serve
02 – The Upheaval
03 – Sound Of The Bell

Vocalist/guitarist Niklas Karlsson said:

During the writing of our latest album ‘Descent’, we felt that the songs ‘Sound of The Bell’ and ‘The Upheaval‘ had a similar feel to the rest of the album, but they turned out to be way more experimental in the final recording stages. As it progressed, they simply felt more out of place.

Heading home from the latest tour supporting Avatar, we knew we needed one more song to tie these two together and shortly thereafter, ‘While We Serve’ was born. It was the perfect glue to bring everything together. Even though it’s a continuation of ‘Descent’, it turned out to be a release that could live independently.

The EP kicks off with ‘While We Serve’ and it has a horror movie vibe going on, which I love. It’s fast, kind of old school, but of course, with modern twists. One track that also stands out for me is ‘Sound of The Bell‘ which, lyrically, I believe was the most difficult one I’ve ever written to date.

I delved into the mass shootings and that sort of violence that’s on the news almost every day now. I think I really had to choose my words right and be very careful to show my utmost respect for people who’ve been faced with this cruelty, chaos and grieving, especially since I’ve never been in a situation like that myself.

These last two to three years have really changed our lives. Everything goes so fast that it is sometimes difficult to stand back and put some perspective on it. You’re always on the hunt for the next thing. Coming home from this busy year, everything starts to creep in; for example, we opened up for Meshuggah six times, month-long tours with Avatar in the US two times, and had a blast for two weeks in the UK supporting Trivium.

It’s hard to understand still, remembering that you’ve looked up to these bands for so many years, and now you’re out there becoming friends with them? It’s surreal. And the backbone of it all is, of course, our beloved fans, who I believe would go through fucking fires for us. They are the most dedicated and supportive group of people I’ve ever seen, and everyone is so lovely and polite. We wouldn’t be here without them and this EP is for them.

You can check out the visualizer for “While We Serve” below: