One more album, one more heavy masterpiece by Obituary

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 5.2.2023

“Dying of Everything”, but mainly of the heaviness brought by Florida’s legendary Obituary.

Obituary deliver one more lesson in ‘Redneck Stomping’ 6 years after their eponymous album. They’re staying true to themselves front to end, delivering that same aggression they have been for almost 40 years, tweaking their guitar tones to be perfectly representative of that cavernous heavy banging that their music has always been.

In the technicality vs efficiency debate, they surely would be the flag holders for a very straight forward way of doing things, which is that of effortlessly smashing through your eardrums. They won’t rely on blazing speed, nor machine gun blast beats, just on mid-tempo, steady heaviness which make you stomp like a troll throughout the album.

That ability to make slow music, doom-ish at times, and hit you with breakdowns that drag you into the depths of a dark cave in the middle of the desert, that is something technique can’t buy. And Obituary are proving once more to be the masters of efficiency.

Not only the guitar riffs enhance that incredible heaviness, but the banging on the drums is bestial and highlights the brutality of this release. The vocals, as usual, maintain that sinister vibe, and sound like the calling of a beast trapped in the most recluse spots of hell.

An album to remind the world there are certainties: one of which is Obituary will always make you stomp like a redneck.