Of Virtue Sign with Arising Empire, debut “Sinner” music video

Author Jad - 2.5.2022

Of Virtue have newly signed with Arising Empire. Emerging alongside word of their new label deal is a new track by the name of “Sinner“. A music video for it co-directed by Dana Willax & Orie McGinness is available to view online below. Addressing this new single, the band stated:

This is a conversation between the protagonist and the ‘monster/affliction’ almost in a romantic way. Same concepts of a relationship where our protagonist is tired of the position they are put in by the ‘monster’, the lack of empathy shown, the idea that they have been lied to and betrayed by something / someone that is supposed to ‘love’ them. This is our protagonist openly rebelling and rejecting the ‘monster’ once and for all. It can’t be everything our protagonist wants or needs.Of Virtue