Obituary release new version of “Dying Of Everything” with spatial audio mix

Author Flavia Andrade - 11.4.2023

A spatial audio mix of Obituary‘s eleventh studio album “Dying Of Everything” has been released on select digital service providers (Apple Music, Tidal & Amazon Music.) The new mix was overseen by Tom and Jim Morris at their studio, Morrisound Recording, in Tampa, FL.

The band spoke of this new Dolby Atmos mix:

We were so excited to get the call and have the opportunity to go back to Morrisound and work with Tom and Jim Morris for these mixes and very proud that we are one of the first metal bands to offer this modern technology to our fans with “Dying of Everything”.

It’s hard to even describe the Atmos mixes of the new album. It’s really just something you have to experience for yourself to understand the technology and the amazing, epic sound it gives the songs.

This is new technology that we know not everybody has access to but it is something we are super excited about and hope that fans are able to check it out and enjoy it. It is unbelievable!