Oak releases new official video for “Disintegrate”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 11.12.2022

Portuguese death and doom metal band Oak shared a brand-new official video for their latest single “Disintegrate”. It’s the title track of the upcoming album “Disintegrate”, to be out on 10 February via Season of Mist.

The label explains:

The story to “Disintegrate” is as aptly as it’s music. The burden and liberation of the Giant, through music and lyrics. “Suddenly, a giant could be heard walking slowly with the weight of the world on his back.” This new narrative is about the liberation of the giant, which after the end of its cycle, will melt under the sun, while its soul leaves its body and floats, glimpsing the present and remembering the past in a few moments.

– Season of Mist

And Oak underlines:

Before managing to free himself from the unbearable weight carried on his back for an eternity, this giant knelt down and surrendered his own body to be consumed by the sun. Afterwards, there was only the cold that accompanied him on his passage to the immaterial world. This excerpt is about that passage and also aims at a transition from sound to image, so that this moment becomes as visual as it is audible.– Oak

Enjoy “Disintegrate” official music video here: