Nuclear Blast acquires Testament backcatalog and signs them for three more albums

Author Flavia Andrade - 23.6.2023

Nuclear Blast is proud to announce that the complete Testament catalog has been acquired and the band signed for an additional 3 albums in the future! The signing took place before the band’s fiery performance at Hellfest this past weekend. Fans will now be able to listen to the band’s seminal albums “The Legacy” and “The New Order” on the DSP of their choice!

Chuck Billy states:

After a long history of making music and Testament teaming up with Nuclear Blast in 2008 with “The Formation of Damnation” to the current release “Titans of Creation”, we have taken it to the next level and have reclaimed our 6 albums from Atlantic Records and have delivered them to Nuclear Blast to be re-released. Along with the Atlantic catalog, Testament will sign a new 3-album deal with NB worldwide. We are so grateful to be with the Best Heavy Metal label in the world that will spread Testament’s Legacy.

Eric Peterson comments:

We signed with NB back in 2008 and it’d been a perfect fit for us ever since then. Incidentally, our older catalog with Atlantic Records – “The Legacy”, “The New Order”, “Practice What You Preach”, “Souls of Black”, “The Ritual”, and “Low” – have returned to us and we feel it’s a great new start to have NB Release these albums again with some new unreleased artwork, photos, etc. Also, we will be signing a new three-album deal with them! So the future for Metal is looking very, very bright! Cheers!

Tommy Jones Nuclear Blast U.S. Label Manager adds:

One of my favorite guitars as a kid was my dark red Ibanez Saber (540S) with the wizard neck. I purchased that guitar to sound like Alex Skolnick who played that model and color back in the day. So all these years later to be signing those OG, genre-defining Testament albums that were such an early influence like “The New Order”, “Practice What You Preach”, and “Souls of Black”, as well as new Testament albums to Nuclear Blast, is completing a full circle for me. Truly an ‘If the 15-year-old me could see this’ type of moment. It’s time to continue ‘The Legacy’ with Nuclear Blast!

You can stream “The Legacy” here and “The New Order” here.