Now available the original “Tribal S” logo for Slipknot drawn by Joey Jordison

Author Benedetta Baldin - 18.6.2024

Here’s a glimpse at Joey Jordison’s original Slipknot “tribal S” emblem, courtesy of a post from his family. The late drummer created the emblem; in 1995, he also contributed to the band’s name. Over time, Slipknot‘s image and culture have included the logo. In honour of Jordison’s life and work, his family set up an Instagram account in July 2022, and they recently posted a picture of that exact desk painting there. Many fans expressed their tattoo of the emblem on their arm in comments on the page, which is a testament to Jordison’s influence on Slipknot‘s history. That and the fact that he came up with the name for the band.

I have tons of folders of sketches, logos of pretty much any band I’ve been in. I drew the Slipknot logo and the tribal ‘S’. I drew that logo on my dad’s old desk in the house I grew up in. I had this little piece of paper and drew it with pen and ink. It stained the desk! I took it to band practice and they loved it. The next thing you know, almost half of the band got it tattooed – this was before we got signed. It wasn’t my total idea to call the band Slipknot, it was a band discussion and it was a unified thing.