Norwegian Kalandra releases an eerie music video to a brand new track “Bardaginn”, sung in Old Norse

Author Askar Ibragimov - 27.10.2023

Norwegian alternative/folk rock band Kalandra released a new music video on October 27, 2023. The video description reads: ‘Bardaginn’ derives its name from Old Norse, meaning ‘fight’ or ‘battle,’ be it an internal struggle or a confrontation in the real world. The song explores the paradox of life’s seeming meaninglessness, yet the inherent human inclination to fight for something, or someone, and how it’s a complex and multifaceted aspect of our nature.

The band is difficult to fit into a cliched genre description: while some songs bear a deep connection with Nordic Folk scene, some are geared towards indie rock. What, however, unites them is the impeccable quality of the material and a deep, thoughtful approach to creating compositions. Their debut, “The Line” was out about three years ago, in 2020, and the band is currently working on a new record. “Bardaginn” is probably the first taste of the new album, already turned in a cinematic music video made by Ragnarok Film, a production house regularly working with many famous Nordic Folk acts.

Citing the By Norse website, the band also says:

Vocalist Katrine was curious about making timeless lyrics using the Old Norse language. She teamed up with Norwegian lyricist and language consultant Alexander Lykke, and together with guitarists Jogeir and Florian and drummer Oskar, they’ve created a song unlike anything Kalandra has ever composed before.

The band comments: “For our next single release, we all knew it was important for us to try and challenge ourselves creatively, and yet still somehow manage to keep that light playfulness in the creative process, where absolutely anything was allowed. Although it at times seemed like an impossible task to piece together, it feels as if we’ve managed to really pull out the best in every member of the band, and really showcase what we’re made of, both individually and as a team.

Bardaginn is fun but also bloody serious. We’re very proud of each other and what we’ve made, and we can’t wait to play it live.”

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