Northern Genocide’s second studio album “The Point Of No Return” is out now

Author Benedetta Baldin - 4.3.2024

Finnish modern melodic metal band Northern Genocide have released their second studio album “The Point of No Return” on March 1st 2024 via Inverse Records

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Comments from the band:
“We are proud and honored to finally present this thematical melodic sledgehammer to our listeners. Great pools of sweat and tears were spilled during the making of this album and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We always push for something new when making music and to us this album is a milestone in our lives. The lyrical themes are more relevant than ever and reflect this age of uncertainty and turmoil. We encourage everyone to dive deep into the songs and try to find the meaning of words or sentences. This is the point of no return. We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us and listened to our music during the past years! See you on one of our live gigs!”
The video of fourth single “Our Final Hour” is available here: 

The third single ‘To Serve The Pestilence‘ with a music video available here: 

The second single “Necropolis” which features Tommy Tuovinen from MyGrain is available here: 


Music video of the first single, “Harbingers of Genocide“, is available here: 

Northern Genocide was established in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. It all started with a meeting of old high school friends, guitar player Pyry Pohjanpalo and producer Rainer Pekkinen after Pyry had discovered Rainer’s interest in programming and computer music. They both had a history of playing in various metal bands, but now they wanted to try something different by bringing electronic influences to metal. The very same year they started recording demos in their home studio.

In 2012 a crew was put together for gigs and new demos. In December 2013 the band began recording a new 3-track demo. After some changes to the initial line-up of the band, the demo was recorded with Markku Tuuri on drums, Toni Jokiranta on bass, Pyry on guitars, and Tommi Salonen as vocalist. The demo “Atlantis” was finished in October 2014. Shortly after work began towards a 5-track EP ”Planet Asylum” which was released in 2015.

2019 the debut album “Genesis Vol. 666” was released through Inverse Records. The release was a success, and the only song written in Finnish, called “Ikiruoste“, proved to be a guiding star of the album. The style of NG‘s music had already started to evolve away from the industrial metal-influenced sound towards more modern melodic metal. “Genesis, Vol. 666” album recently reached 1 Million streams on Spotify.

In 2020 began the work toward releasing another full-length album. During the long cold winter, a few band members moved aside, resulting in Jussi Pulliainen taking the 2nd guitar role and Arto Viitanen picking up the bass guitar. An epic discovery was Leo Korhonen to play the drums. With just 1 month of practice, he mastered his parts ready to be recorded for the album.

The new album ”The Point of No Return” was finally finished in the summer of 2023. The process of making the new album was long but it surely paid off. This time no compromises were accepted in the production process and the album surely presents the best of NG to date. The new ideas and the combined effort of the whole band resulted in a solid, banging, and rich album. The album picks up where ”Genesis Vol. 666” left off featuring even more aggressive guitar riffs and massive orchestrations. The contribution from various featuring vocalists (Stephanie Mazor, Tommy Tuovinen) and instrumentalists adds depth to the songs throughout the album. Lyrics written by Tommi criticize world overpopulation, corruption, and abuse of power and describe the dark side of the human mind.

The album was released on March 1st, 2024 through Inverse Records and the CD version is available HERE

01. To Serve The Pestilence
02. Kaamos
03. Harbingers of Genocide
04. Icaros
05. Luonnonsurma
06. My Fortress 
07. Our Final Hour
08. Para Bellum
09. The Engram
10. Necropolis feat. Tommy Tuovinen

Album cover by Petri Lampela

Vocals – Tommi Salonen
Lead guitar – Pyry Pohjanpalo
Rhythm guitar – Jussi Pulliainen
Bass – Arto Viitanen
Drums – Leo Korhonen
Producer – Rainer Pekkinen