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Noora Louhimo and Netta Laurenne about their duet’s debut: “We wanted to go back to the roots of heavy metal”

Author Annija Raga - 1.7.2021

Noora Louhimo being in the middle of Battle Beast’s new album recordings and Netta Laurenne working on Smackbound‘s second album, the powerful Finnish singers are not resting – the vocalists have formed a heavy metal duet called Laurenne/Louhimo, and their debut album “The Reckoning ” is to be released on July 9 via Frontiers.

” We’ve known each other for a long time, and I’ve always wanted to do a collaboration with Noora, and it seemed that this is the right time when to do it, so I just gave her a call and Noora was all in. “

Netta Laurenne

” The album is very empowering, very truthful, the honesty is there. We want to encourage people with our hard love method – let’s cut the bull*hit and talk about the things that really hurt, BUT – let’s also talk about how to fight and overcome them – will help you with that, with our music! “

Noora Louhimo

Chaoszine visited Sonic Pump Studios and had a charming talk about how the artists decided to form a heavy metal duet, the music and meaning of the album, and the pandemic affecting the culture sector in Finland. Watch the full interview here:

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