Nita Strauss is ready to rock with her upcoming solo album: “I’m excited to show a higher level of playing”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 3.1.2023

From Alice Cooper to Demi Lovato, from metal to pop scenes, Nita Strauss is ready to show her value as a complete artist. Nita is a songwriter, a professional, who also boasts collaborations in the world of film soundtracks. Since 2018’s “Controlled Chaos”, many years have passed, and finally, Nita Strauss is ready to claim the title of full-fledged musician, not just a side guest.

During an interview for GuitarWorld, Nita Strauss spoke about her upcoming album, to be out later this year via Sumerian Records. Nita delves into her creative process, and draws the reader’s attention to the peculiarities of her artistic growth:

I’m a really emotional musician and person, and I write about what I’m feeling and what’s going on in my life. Making this album, and especially doing a lot of the writing during 2020, when everything was shut down and uncertain, brought out a lot of emotion in my songwriting.

– Nita Strauss

With a few words, Nita manages to clarify the importance of her work as a versatile guitarist, a role that has allowed her to mature her skills:

I’ve grown a lot as an artist and songwriter since Controlled Chaos came out in 2018, and I’m excited to show a higher level of playing and more depth and maturity in these new songs. I’ve improved a lot as a musician, my technique has gotten better in the last four years, and I’ve gotten more comfortable in my own style, so I feel I’ve come into my own as a guitar player.

– Nita Strauss

So, look forward to this new Nita Strauss tryout!