Nita Strauss drops new song “The Wolf You Feed” featuring Alissa White-Gluz

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 26.10.2022

Alice Cooper’s former guitarist Nita Strauss has released a new single, “The Wolf You Feed“, featuring Arch Enemy‘s Alissa White-Gluz. An exciting music video was also released on October 25, 2022, on Sumerian Records’ official youtube channel.

Nita Strauss has always shown great admiration for her colleague, Arch Enemy‘s front-woman. During several press conferences, Nita Strauss reiterated:

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If you look back at old interviews from the last ten years, any time I was asked about collaborating with a vocalist in the future, Alissa White-Gluz was always the first name out of my mouth. She is truly one of my favorite vocalists and performers in the industry and creating this track together was everything I hoped it would be!

– Nina Strauss

On the other hand, Alissa White-Gluz declares her enthusiasm about the collaboration:

“Nita and I finally got to collaborate — something we have both wanted to do for years! ‘The Wolf You Feed’ is a kickass, catchy metal track with a really cool vibe. I kept the ‘two wolves’ analogy as a foundation throughout the song while playing up the dichotomy of the two sides of the tug-of-war we all have inside us.

– Alissa White-Gluz

The result is a balanced composition, in which Alissa’s vocal skills are intertwined with Strauss’ riding riffs. It truly is a dueling coaster experience.