Nightwish have recently been working on the demo material for their new album: “Tuomas has been really productive”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 16.8.2022

Nightwish has been working on their next album for some time now. In a new interview with Knotfest, the band reveals that they have been brainstorming on new demos done by Tuomas Holopainen.

“Well, actually, for the past few weeks, we have been listening to a demo of the next album. Because of COVID, lots of free time, I decided to use that well, so I wrote all the songs for the next album, demoed it, wrote the lyrics, and now we have been brainstorming over it with these guys”, Holopainen says.

Kai Hahto adds:

 “Yeah, it’s been great. The six of us, in the same room, listening to fresh demos for the upcoming album, checking the lyrics and the vocal parts and stuff like that. So it’s been wonderful. This man [Tuomas] has been really productive.”