New single by Finnish melodic metal band Mist Descends is a journey from trust to despair

Author Benedetta Baldin - 1.2.2024

Melodic metal band Mist Descends from Finland has released second single from their upcoming EP. 

Mist Descends background the new single “Blind Hope”:

“Blind Hope is a journey from trust to despair and finally about the end of a relationship. Lyrics written by Julia tell a tale about revealing the true intentions of someone you thought was your friend or even a lover. The betrayal that cracks through your mind, a stain that only time can heal. The song is composed by Peltsi originally quite a while ago and built up with all the members of Mist Descends playing their part to the darkness of the song. During the recordings Peltsi added a lot of details for the listener. “

Singer Julia’s thoughts: “Sadly, I think we have all gone through this situation at some point in our lives. Once this person has revealed those true intentions, things must change and from the great disillusionment, you must move on. In a positive light these are the moments to learn and lead to finding the actual people closest to you.”

Listen to “Blind Hope” on music services:

The band’s story started back in 2014 among friends who enjoy playing music. Since then their sound has evolved in new directions over the years. The band finds inspiration in hope and despair and everything in between.

Mist Descends is:
Julia – Vocals
Niko – Guitar & Vocals
Peltsi – Lead guitars
Eppu – Keyboard
Jerry – Bass
Jussi – Drums