Photo by Outi Puhakka

“New music will be shocking for many people”: Interview and video report from Blind Channel live at Helsinki Ice Hall 29.12

Author John Wins - 2.1.2023

The nu-metallers of Blind Channel played an impressive and huge gig at Helsigin Jäähalli as part of the Sick & Dangerous Tour 2022, promoting their latest album. The show took place on Thursday, December 29th, with a special setlist filled with their biggest hits and even a special feature of Finnish singer Robin.

Chaoszine was there to make a report and chat with singers Joel Hokka and Niko Moilanen. The musicians commented about their busy year, feedback so far on the new album and upcoming plans to release new music in 2023.

“New music will be shocking for many people! It’s gonna be something that people are not expecting us to do.”

Joel Hokka

“We’ve been approaching new music from a live perspective, ’cause we’ve done so many shows this year. We wanna write the songs that are gonna be awesome to play live. We wanna capture the live feeling on the next album.”Niko Moilanen

You can watch our video report about the show below: