New album out from Astral Samurai

Author Hernan Osuna - 23.10.2023

Astral Samurai, the Finnish progressive metal band of Fireproven keyboardist Ilari Hannula, has unveiled its brand new album “Solarius”. You can listen to it below.

The musician states: “This album, Solarius, is thematically based on mystic experiences and contemplative work. The sun symbolizes the pure nature of mind, the all-seeing light. The various songs tell a bit of my own personal experiences, but everyone can meditate/radiate along with the album, in their own journey.

Some songs are about various mystics and their visions and theories. Dark Night of the Soul is about John of the Cross’ concept about the soul’s journey from night into morning. Wind, Communion and the Divine Serpent is about the Ouroboros serpent, who eats its own tail. It symbolizes the everlasting change of things and the cycle of Nature.