Muse try out “modern metal” with new song “Kill Or Be Killed”

Author Flavia Andrade - 22.7.2022

Muse have released “Kill Or Be Killed“, the fourth single from upcoming album “Will Of The People”, to be released on August 26, via Warner Records.

Muse‘s frontman, Matt Bellamy, on the track:

‘Kill Or Be Killed‘ is Muse at their heaviest! We wanted to update our hard rock sound on this album and with ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ we found a modern metal sound featuring double bass drum action and even a death growl.

Lyrically the song takes influence from my favourite Paul McCartney song, ‘Live And Let Die’, a dark take on how life’s adversity can sometimes bring out the worst human instincts to survival at any costs.”

Death growl? Well, maybe not… It’s a bit more like nu-metal. But the track is definetely worth checking out.

You can listen to the “Kill Or Be Killed” below: