Modern Metalcore band Ashes of Perishing released their debut EP “FRVR / CRSD”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 29.2.2024

Finnish Helsinki-based modern metalcore band Ashes Of Perishing released their debut EP “FRVR / CRSD” on February 29th 2024 via Inverse Records. 

LISTEN FRVR / CRSD EP on streaming services: 

The band comments:

“At the heart of the EP are two songs that form a single entity. We all have our own pain points and pain to carry, and it may never ease, thus cursing us to carry them forever. However, we can learn to live with them and become stronger. FRVR/CRSD is an entity, a leap into the deep end of humanity. The world is not a perfect place, and life is not always wonderful, but we will survive. Always. 

WATCH the music video of first single “Waste of Life“: 

WATCH a lyric video “Burdens“: 


Track list:
1. Waste of Life
2. Forever…
3. …Cursed
4. Burdens

EP cover by Joonas Makkonen & Valtteri Limnell

Petteri Ylitalo –Vocals
Valtteri Limnell – Guitar & backing vocals
Joonas Makkonen – Guitar & backing vocals
Philipp Kashin – Bass
Olli Laine – Drums