Photo credit: Derick Smith

Ministry’s new album “Hopiumforthemasses” to be released in 2024, first single due out this week

Author Flavia Andrade - 14.8.2023

Lat spring, industrial metal legends Ministry started performing a new track called “Goddamn White Trash” during their live sets. Frontman Al Jourgensen had announced an August 04 release date for the band’s sixteenth studio album, “Hopiumforthemasses“.

But, alas, no new Ministry album has arrived so far. So, some fans were left a little curious about Ministry‘s upcoming plans. It has now been revealed that the said album is due for a 2024 release.

The band have just confirmed the release of the studio version of “Goddamn White Trash“, to be out alongside an official music video (directed by Dean Karr) on Thursday, August 17.

In the video’s description you can find pre-order links to “Hopiumforthemasses“, with March 01 as a release date, via Nuclear Blast.

“Hopiumforthemasses” track listing:

01 – “B.D.E.”
02 – “Goddamned White Trash”
03 – “Just Stop Oil”
04 – “Aryan Embarrassment”
05 – “TV Song 1/6 Edition”
06 – “New Religion”
07 – “It’s Not Pretty”
08 – “Cult Of Suffering”
09 – “Ricky’s Hand”

You can pre-oreder the new album here.

You will be able to watch the new video on the link below, on August 17: