Photo credit: Derick Smith

Ministry to revisit tracks from “With Sympathy”, say they will throw in the towel soon

Author Flavia Andrade - 19.6.2023

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen talked of reworking some tracks off of “With Sympathy”, making them more aggressive as a kind of send-off for the band.

In Jourgensens’ words:

My hatred for this record was so deep. As a matter of fact, the two-inch [master] tapes of it, the actual two-inch tapes, I had a barbecue party and I burned them on a barbecue. So, there’s no existing original ‘With Sympathy’. I just burned them.

We’re doing ‘Revenge’… this version that we have, it’s going to be different. Let’s turn it from this synthpop thing into a metal arena-rock song… and then we’ll take it from there and see where it goes… If we can make it sound the way I want it, when I originally came up with these songs, then yes, I will do [a full tour behind the release]. If not, I won’t. … So, we’re working our way towards putting a bow on the whole thing and calling it a career. And then everyone can leave me the fuck alone so I can do what the fuck I want.

About bringing Ministry to an end, he shared:

I view it as almost like karmic, where my career is winding down with Ministry. I’m going stop Ministry in an album or two. I have other things I want to do and I’m really kind of now shackling myself [to the band], instead of Arista Records shackling me. … So, I figure there’s only maybe one more Ministry album to go.

Maybe two, but probably one; the second one might actually be a remake of ‘With Sympathy’, to tie a bow on the whole thing. I think this next year or two is going be really transformative, in the sense that I’m wrapping a bow on my entire career and saying, ‘Drop mic. Thank you. Thank you for buying our T-shirts.’ … It’s gonna be an interesting next couple of years.