Miehala released their second single “Into the Void” from the upcoming EP

Author Benedetta Baldin - 5.2.2024

The Finnish Thrash Metal band Miehala is set to release their new EP “Sons of Alaheimon” on March 14th, 2023 via Inverse Records. The second single “Into The Void” is released and the music video is available here: 


LISTEN Into The Void single on streaming services: https://push.fm/fl/miehala-void 

The band comments what the “Into The Void” single is about:
Future, war, machine army, and consciousness of knowing that you are breathing your last breaths at the moment.” 

PRE-SAVE EP: https://music.imusician.pro/a/nF7idl8_ 

LISTEN the first single WAR: https://push.fm/fl/miehala-war 

Miehala band is a four-piece thrash metal band from Eastern Finland, founded in 2021. The group consists of Tuomas Lepistö, Elias Lepistö, Mika Kähärä and Jarkko Pesonen. The band’s drummer Elias Lepistö acts as the main vocalist, but guitarist Tuomas Lepistö performs the lead vocal parts in a few songs. The band’s second guitarist is Mika Kähärä and bassist Jarkko Pesonen.

Miehala‘s music is today in all its freshness, although the music sound and style is strongly based on the early 80’s thrash metal. When you add a touch of Savonian twists to their music, you get Sawo Area Thrash Metal, which also has influences from death metal and doom.


The band’s early days and first album

The band started in 2021 and the first line-up included Tuomas and Elias Lepistö, Jarkko Pesonen, and Esa Tuomela. The following year, the band practically practiced as a three-piece, and the first album “Gods Of Death” was recorded as a trio during the fall of 2022, with Tuomas Lepistö handling all the guitar parts. The album was self-published in December 2022.

The year 2023

After the release of the first album, it was clear that live performances would also be relevant in 2023, and for that, the band needed another guitarist. Mika Kähärä from Pieksämäki was chosen as the guitarist and the band played its first gigs during the summer of 2023.

In autumn, the band started recording new songs alongside the gigs, and the EP “Sons Of Alaheim” was completed in November 2023, including five new songs.