Metallica joins in the mockery of the “St. Anger” drum sound

Author Arto Mäenpää - 19.1.2024

Metallica poked fun at the infamous sound of Lars Ulrich’s snare drum on “St. Anger” in a new post showing that some “St. Anger” songs have come to the guitar instruction app Fender Play.

In a lighthearted social media post, Metallica took a playful jab at the infamous snare drum sound on Lars Ulrich’s kit in their album “St. Anger”. The band announced the arrival of St. Anger songs on the guitar instruction app Fender Play, acknowledging the enduring legacy of the unique drum sound that has been a topic of discussion among fans for over two decades.

Despite the divisive nature of “St. Anger” as an album, Metallica displayed self-awareness by humorously referring to it as “everyone’s favorite album” in their social media post. The band encouraged fans to dust off their guitars and start learning songs like “Frantic,” “St. Anger,” “Some Kind of Monster,” and “The Unnamed Feeling” on Fender Play, playfully noting that the snare drums will have to wait for another day.