‘Metallica has always been about bringing people together through music’ – Kirk Hammett comments Metallica’s upcoming album

Author Annija Raga - 30.7.2021

The American metal stars Metallica have been quite busy with preparing for the special reissue of their legendary self-titled fifth album, commonly known as “The Black Album”, but they also have been working on the upcoming new album – the guitar player Kirk Hammett gave some comments to Classic Rock magazine about the album and Metallica‘s music in general.

” We’ve tried to make the most of the COVID year and a half, and we’ve been pretty successful. We’ve got together remotely and worked, and we’ve got together (properly) and worked. Things are moving really well. I would say that the music we’re coming up with is very appropriate for the times.”

Kirk Hammett

Talking about Metallica and music in general, Kirk opens up that, in his opinion, music should be about bringing people together, and with the next album the musicians will try to do exactly that:

” Metallica has always been about bringing people together through music. I think the sentiment now is that people need music more than ever to bring everyone together and collectively celebrate that we’ve got to this point. There’s a lot of division in the world, and hopefully this Metallica album will cut through the division and bring people together in ways that are more beneficial for everyone over all.”

Kirk Hammett