“Me and Nils Molin came from the same power-metal musical background, while Erik Grönwall was always more into thrash stuff” – interview with Jona Tee from New Horizon

Author Julia Suloinen - 15.6.2024

How it would sound like if we combine unique historical and legendary cultural themes with the first class modern heavy-power metal production and spice it all up with one of the best and most recognizable voices on the contemporary metal scene? That’s right, it would sound precisely like New Horizon‘s new album “Conquerors”, where Jesus Christ meets Batman and project Apollo neighbours pretty well with the first Space discoveries in Medieval times. The album is released today, on the 14th of June, via Frontier Music slr, so be sure you won’t miss it.

Chaoszine chatted with New Horizon‘s mastermind Jona Tee about main inspirations for the album, differences between working with Nils Molin and Erik Gronwall, plans for the future and other awesome things.

You can check the interview below:

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Also check out the latest New Horizon‘s single “Apollo” from “Conquerors” right below: